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Vitalik Buterin says Uniswap should become an oracle token

“UNI is in an excellent position to be a token for such an oracle,” said Buterin, in reference to decentralized pricing oracles for stablecoins.

Bitcoin, altcoins and stocks drop as inflation fears impact investor confidence

Rising fears of inflation and big government spending rocked equities markets and possibly had a knock-on effect on Bitcoin and altcoin prices.

When all-time high? Bitcoin traders lose confidence as BTC price slumps

Bitcoin adoption continues to increase but derivatives data shows retail and professional traders are reluctant to build new bullish positions.

Dog day afternoon as Vitalik dumps multiple memecoins in the name of charity

Dog-themed tokens see an abrupt end to their rallies as Vitalik Buterin liquidates the positions he was gifted and donates the proceeds to charity.

Cointelegraph Consulting: Aave’s avenue to over $11 billion in TVL

Breaking down Aave protocol’s usage and its liquidity mining program as the platform’s TLV doubles in under a month.

When dollars meet the hype: The biggest NFT hits from celebrities

Nonfungible tokens continue to drive millions of dollars in sales. Here are the biggest NFT earners of 2021 so far.

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Diem parters with Silvergate bank to launch stablecoin in the US

Facebook-initiated Diem Association announces a new model of its upcoming stablecoin that is set to be issued by California state-chartered bank Silvergate. Facebook-backed digital currency...

You can buy condos with DOGE in Portugal as crypto real estate listings soar

You can now use Dogecoin to buy luxury apartments in Portugal, with a penthouse currently on sale for around 5 million DOGE, worth roughly $2.2...

Bitwise launches US ‘crypto ETF’… sort of

Bitwise has launched a new ETF offering exposure to the top publicly-listed firms operating in the blockchain and crypto industries. Bitwise Asset Management has announced...

Finance Redefined: Never a dull day in DeFi! May 5-12

One of the busiest days of the year for DeFi featured exploits, rugpulls, protocol pivots, and more. Never a dull day indeed. Today was among the...

Which ‘green’ cryptocurrency is Tesla likely to add for payments?

Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will halt all BTC transactions due to environmental concerns, with the firm set to look at more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies. On...

Gemini’s crypto custody tops $30B as analyst predicts Coinbase shares will fall to $100

Gemini's crypto assets in custody have trebled this year which the exchange attributes to surging interest from institutions and asset managers, The Winklevoss twins’ Gemini...